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4D Unified Math


Its New Unified Field Theory Proposal


Author:  Warren E. York

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Abstract:  The author will present for the first time anywhere a new dynamic mathematical aid to be used as a tool in the dimensional analysis process.  This new aid will allow both the dynamic and the static analysis to be performed at the same time on any base line formula or equation.  This will allow any individual schooled in the basics of our present static mathematical processes to work with any level of math from the lowest to the highest forms.  The author has developed this new math process (4D Unified Math) in order to extract both Time and Gravity from Albert Einstein’s Energy/Matter equation E=mc2 into a Unified Field equation  E=mc2 :: E=mc*<-2->.


This paper has been written in a nonstandard format in order for it to be understood by both layperson and professional alike.  The author feels not only professionals but the common person should also be allowed access to advanced concepts that are normally presented in such a rigid scientific format that they prevent comprehension without advanced disciplines to be undertaken first.  Extensive graphics are used to allow the average person to visually grasp a normally incomprehensible abstract concept without the rigid discipline of higher math.  The 4D Unified Math presented in this paper will allow that same average person to grasp the theme presented without actually knowing the details and actual higher math process.

Also with the aid of the Internet a new era has been born.  It offers a platform that allows any person to express their own work without censorship or having to be a part of the academic elite.  The author has chosen the Journal of Theoretics6 for just this reason in his first publication as its format offers an atmosphere where the accomplishments of others can be noted and considered; an important point as never know where our next breakthroughs may come from. 

The author presents here for the first time a glimpse of a Unified Field Theory based on the Light concept.  The author also presents a new electron model and a new mathematical aid, 4D Unified math.  The author developed this aid as a tool to be used in our presently accepted “Dimensional Analysis”5 process.  This allows for the ability to extract both “time” and “gravity” from Albert Einstein’s famous Matter to Energy equation, E = mc2 into the Unified Field Equation E = mc2 :: E = mc*<-2-> as written in conventional and 4D Unified Math format.

The Basics of 4D Unified Math:

Mathematics is the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities by using numbers and symbols [from Middle English mathematik, from Old French mathematique, from Latin math¶matica, from Greek math¶matik¶ (tekhn¶), mathematical (science), feminine of math¶matikos, mathematical] while 4D Unified Math is a dynamic representation (real time) of a target under the mathematical descriptive process.  Most of the other mathematical processes today only represent a static representation (snapshot) view of the target.  4D Unified Math incorporates a geometrical and trigonometric representation of the target through a conventional mathematical baseline equation or formula.  It is not a direct arithmetic calculation but rather a dynamic representation describing patterns, shapes, and forms based on constants and powers of ten.  It’s foundation is that speed of light (c) squared can be linked back to Albert Einstein’s Energy/Matter equation7 E=mc2.  4D Unified Math bridges across the wide span of present mathematics from the quantum level (geometric based) to the physical level (arithmetically based).  This is to say that 4D Unified Math allows for real time target observation on any level from the virtual to quantum as well as the physical interpretations of the Euclidean laws.8  4D Unified Math is basically a plug and play process giving access to all inquisitive individuals.

Most of the present forms of math are nothing more than a virtual image represented by numerical numbers.  If I were to give you the numbers 5, 6, and 2 and tell you to draw or build a box, you should be able to transform these numeric values into the proper representations of length, width, and height, yielding a scaled drawing or an actual physical box.  Even in higher math, the numeric values will be some sort of a virtual representation a process going on.  At any level, all images however will be presented in snapshot or static form.  4D Unified Math is a true unified math for it will always link back from any base line equation or formula to the basic Energy/Matter equation presented by Albert Einstein, E=mc2.  4D Unified Math does this based on certain specific factors and considerations in relationship of constants, symbols and powers of ten associated with patterns, forms, and shapes.

4D Unified Math is based on the speed of light squared through the interaction of field patterns and their resultant physical shape and form. The discussion on just how 4D Unified Math is connected directly to the speed of light will be discussed in a paper on our Unified Field Theory of Light at a latter date.  The key components used in 4D Unified Math are constants and special sets or symbols.  The use of the power of ten is that of a scale (logarithmic) or level (zoom factor) observation on the target in question. Though the constants will represent known arithmetic values they are not to be calculated as mathematical functions during the process.

4D Unified Math Root Equation E=mc2:

By using E=mc2 as our root equation for the 4D Unified Math process, all equations or formulas that are processed by 4D Unified Math will always link back in some manner to that root equation.  This is the unification of the equation across the span of the mathematical spectrum under observation.  To understand this, we will have to take a brief look at our unified field theory of light first.  Now just what is our root equation E=mc2 telling us?  This equation is known as the Energy/Matter equation, which expresses the interchangeability of matter (at rest), and energy.  This equation has been demonstrated with the detonation of our first atomic bomb known as the A-bomb (nicknamed Big Boy).   

Force Fields and Shapes:

The shape of an object is governed by the patterns produced by the force and or forces (gravity in this case) acting on the formation of atoms and or molecules. What shape will a free-floating droplet of liquid take in a zero gravity environment?  We know that all matter will automatically have its own internal gravitational field attached to it due to the displacement of Space, whenever matter is formed.  Now notice I said gravity field and not electromagnetic field.  Both fields are real but they are not the same and do not have the same force field patterns associated with them.  To simplify things, I have posted a graphic of what the force field patterns of  both the gravitational field pattern (quadruple) and the electromagnetic field pattern (dipole) look like around matter (Fig.1).2  Notice the shape taken on by the overall fields will be one of a sphere or ball. This is evident from just looking at our own planet and solar system. The pattern is truly universal as has been confirmed many times over.  Until now, nobody has drawn what the pattern of a gravitational field would look like. We have seen what an electromagnetic pattern looks like but not that of the gravitational field.  This pattern is the basis of our unified field theory of light and has been found to sustain current findings in the actual world and available data.  Look at the shape and the patterns that form the single shape of a sphere.  This is the shape one should think of when they think of basic matter and a gravitational field.  We can say that the shape a gravitational field will produce a ball-like shape if the object is free to seek the flow lines of that force.  Now let us look at these force fields and the patterns and shapes they form, keeping in mind that 4D Unified Math is all about these patterns as associated with their linked constants or “special symbol”9 identification.


Three basic steps in the 4D Unified Math Process:

Step #1:  State the Formula or Equation and then Function Identification

Formula or Equation

Example #1A: E=mc2      

Example #1B:  A=4Pi r2


Function Identification

Example #1A = Energy equals matter times c2 (the speed of light squared).

Example #1B = Area of a sphere equals 4 times Pi times the radius squared.


Step #2:  Identify the constant and or special symbols

Example #1A our constant is c2.

Example #1B our constant is Pi (approx. 3.141592654…).


Step #3: Association of constant/symbols with a specific pattern, form, or shape.

 The third step in applying the 4D Unified Math process to an equation or formula is to associate the proper pattern with its represented constant.  We will start with the above example of the patterns formed by matter and its associated constant of Pi from our root equation E=mc2 and display it in our first base line equation.  This is the shape matter takes as calculated by the area of a sphere (A=4Pi r2).   Now we have already covered why matter will take on the form of a sphere do to its energy into matter transformation in E=mc2.  That particle of first matter that is formed is none other than a single electron to be exact.  That shape is also described by our equation for the area of a sphere in A=4Pi r2.  This same shape is also what an electron (our first piece of matter from energy or light in the form of paired photons per our Unified Theory and not conventional thought) takes on.  In our root equation our constant is the speed of light squared which is directly related to the shape or form caused by gravity and again represented by the equation for the area of a sphere.  In that area equation, we find Pi as our constant.  So our base line equation describing the shape or form of matter due to gravity is the equation A=4Pi r2.  I am trying to point out how A=4Pi r2 is linked to our main root equation E=mc2 through the sphere shape dictated by its own gravitational field which is hidden within our matter/energy root equation E=mc2.  Even c2 is telling us something very important about the nature of quantum time.  It takes twice as much quantum time though since both of the arrows of time flow exist at that level to make up only one unit of our physical time.  Physical and quantum time are two very different states of existence.  With the aid of 4D Unified Math, Pauli matrices9 and trigonometry we will be able to extract both the time gravitation components interlaced deep within our root equation E=mc2.  4D Unified Math provides the imagery making it all possible.  4D Unified Math helps to reveal nature’s hidden patterns such as gravity and time.

Recognizing Patterns, Forms, and Shape from Constants:

First there is the basic arithmetic Pi, which equals 3.14156…, and second there is a trigonometric Pi, which is the equivalent to our arithmetic Pi but has an arithmetic value of 180 degrees instead of 3.1415….  Now this brings up our first association with a constant (Pi in this case) and shape/patterns.  Although our arithmetic Pi has a numeric value, we find that the actual representation of Pi will always have to do with first a curve or arc and then when closed looped back on itself upon completion, taking on the shape or pattern of a circle.  Now when using our arithmetic Pi we are measuring distance of an arch or completed circumference of that circle.  This is the physical or Space part of our continuum’s matrix dealing with distance.  Now if we look at a triangle we will notice a similarity in definitions of Pi.  The shape that a triangle forms is also that of a closed loop system.  It comes back upon itself as in the arc forming a completed circle once the ends are brought together (closed loop) upon itself.  Think of it as a circle with straight sides.  Instead of a 360 degree circle, we have a 180 degree (the “Law of Sines” states that the sum of the angles of a triangle will always equal 180 degrees).   By unfolding our Pi circle with straight sides (a triangle) we will have just one straight line or in reverse, a straight line folded over on itself to form a closed loop whose angles will always total 180 degrees.  This is the quantum or virtual part of time aspect (our VZPEL – Virtual Zero Point Energy Level or “arrows of time” in our theory)11 of our continuum’s matrix.  Figure 2 below tries to graphically show these concepts.

                                Fig. 2


The Patterns of Pi

Using the constant Pi, below is a list what patterns and their associations we should find.

      Scale                   Motion                   Shape                 Value                  Base Root





Base line




180 degrees


[Note:  In the quantum world we are in so close (scale wise) that our virtual zero point energy line (VZPEL) only seems like a straight line but actually has a 3 degree arc associated with it.  For all purposes here we shall consider it a straight line however.  On the quantum level this virtual line represents both arrows of time flow.  Again, see the paper on our unified field theory for details.]


Association                                     Pattern linked to the association


180 degrees, angles, VZPEL, quantum world view, triangle


Pi, 3.1415…, arc’s, base line root, physical world view (matter)


So, depending on the target’s scale and level of association we should have a mental image of the pattern and shape of the target in question from the base line equation or formula under study by using the 4D Unified Math process of pattern association.  In 4D Unified Math, each target is guilty through association of the patterns it presents from the normal mathematical processes.  Even in conventional math processes, the numeric data is no more than a static image or a snapshot of the target under calculation.  4D Unified Math brings this static image into immediate comprehension and paints the dynamic picture (overall pattern) of the target’s real time motion and appearance even though it may be invisible to our eyes at the moment.  So if we are working with something that takes on the shape of a circle or sphere in the physical world we should associate that basic shape with matter and the forces that direct that shape.  The shape matter takes on in zero gravity is due to its own internal gravitational field.  Now to show how the gravitational field is extracted from  E=MC2  you will have to consider our unified field theory and look at our new model of the electron we call the YGEM (York, Geier Electron Model).  


Working a Problem with 4D Unified Math:

Let’s work our equation for the first basic shape produced by gravity when matter is formed. We will use 4D Unified Math to see if we are in agreement with our Unified Field Theory and the field pattern formed from the particles gravitational field.  We know the shape it should take is that of a sphere.  This is from observation and what we see taking place in space. Now the first physical formation according to our theory of matter that should be formed is the electron.  Our theory states paired photons (energy) form into a photonic field known as a gravitational field.  This means that in our basic area of a sphere equation we should find all the components needed to build our electron.  In this case it will be our electron accordingly to theories electron or the YGEM.  We should find the internal or sub-quantum level pattern of 4Pi.  That is we should find 4 circle pattern formations within our single electron or first particle considered matter.  Those four circle patterns are the ends of our two photonic (paired 918 photons) quantum time tunnels or local space quantum worm holes.  Each circle pattern represents either an inlet or outlet portal for each tunnel.  The basic arithmetic equation for the area of a sphere is of course A=4Pi r2.  The r 2 is our zoom factor or scale of view.  This tells us we are working on the physical and quantum level of matter together.  Now lets look at our new electron model (the YGEM) and see if we can plug in our constants of  4Pi’s (being a quantum level or that which making up the physical object, our electron) by using our 4D Unified Math concept (see Fig. 3 below).

Fig. 3


As you can see by the four internal dark circles representing Pi in our 4D Unified Math graphic of our theory’s electron (the YGEM) that there is a direct plug in for each Pi of four each. Our level or zoom factor in this case is “r2” allowing us to view both the internal and the external levels.  Also our outward circle or the sphere itself represents our particle, the electron as a composite.  Lets look at our shape of a sphere and the electron.  This again is the pattern dictated by our gravitational field around all matter.  We will just call our electron a ball for now and let it represent the total sum of matter known as its mass.  We will superimpose our internal quantum time field patterns (the two photonic quantum worm holes or time flow tunnels) over our ball and we get both the gravitational field pattern and the electromagnetic pattern.  We have just addressed both time and gravity from the matter and energy equation E = mc2.  This has never been done before and it is what makes our YGEM the basis of a true unification process.  From this we can write the equation E = mc2  into its unification form of E = mc2 :: E = mc*<-2->.  See our electron, the ball in figure 1 above again showing both the electromagnetic field patterns known as “B” in the drawing or dipoles and our gravitational field patterns “A” in the drawing known as quadrupoles.  Now we’re starting to see both the inter field structures and the outward or physical collective shape of our electron, the ball.  As you can see, our particle the electron is considered matter with its electromagnetic and gravitational fields as a unified field process will also fit the description of a single planet.  All this information and more is extracted from one simple basic equation  (the area of a sphere A=4Pi r2), and our unified field theory  (the YGEM) by 4D Unified Math  based on E=mc2. 


The unification of the Area of a Sphere equation and E=MC2 via 4D Unified Math:

When we think of the shape of matter caused by its own gravitational field we should think of a sphere. We know all matter is made up of energy for the equation E=MC2 tells us this. Our theory states that energy is in the form of light squared in that same equation or paired photons to be exact but not accepted yet by conventional science as of yet however.


4D Unified Math graphic for Spin ½ of the electron (based on our YGEM):

In this section we are going to discuss the actual spin of a particle.  For those that already do not know it, our basic electron has what is known as a particle spin ½.  This translates into 720 degrees of intrinsic spin.  We also know in the physical world it is impossible to get 720 degrees out of just one rotation (360 degrees) of the particle. This is why it is called intrinsic spin and not rotation or angular momentum, as most believe.  Angular momentum is on the physical or matter level and intrinsic spin is on the quantum or virtual level.  The 720 degrees is on our virtual quantum level and not on our 360-degree physical or matter level.  Using degrees should again bring to mind that with 4D Unified Math the use of degrees and triangles or using the “Law of Sine’s.”  Now we can use the intrinsic spin of Pi approach or the quantum VZPEL (our arrows of time flow), arithmetic Pi or conventional higher math such as Pauli’s Matrices to obtain our spin ½ particle for both our conventional electron and our YGEM (new electron model).  The first graphics below are using arithmetic Pi to obtain spin ½ for our first particle of matter the electron (YGEM) from both the arithmetic and the 4D Unified Math view.  Notice they both agree with current findings.

Arithmetic Pi

A.     Time Unit  | Spin degree |  x Pi    =  Pi

1/10-------------  72  ------------ 1.2566 --------     .4

2/10------------- 144 ------------ 2.5132 --------     .8

3/10------------- 216 ------------ 3.5132 --------    1.2

4/10------------- 288 ------------ 5.0264 --------    1.6

5/10------------- 360 ------------ 6.2831 --------    2.0

6/10------------- 432 ------------ 7.5396 --------    2.4

7/10------------- 504 ------------ 8.7962 --------    2.8

8/10------------- 576 -----------10.0528  -------     3.2

9/10------------- 648 ----------- 11.3094 -------     3.6

10/10-----------  720 ----------- 12.5663 -------     4.0


4D Unified Math Graphic

By placing our quantum “time mark” for Pi as  I1, we can see how each rotation of  Pi  from 0 degrees to 720 degrees yields our final 4Pi or spin ½ of our electron (YGEM).  This is done by following our physical TIME MARK of  Pi on a quantum level yielding intrinsic spin or 720 degrees.  If you want to work the same problem on strictly the quantum level you will use our VZPEL or arrows of time flow but using trigonometric Pi and “The Law of Signs” with the same results exactly or you can use Pauli matrices.

Trigonometric Pi

Pi / Sign 1 = 180.0091 degrees

Pi / Sign .5 = 360.0045 degrees

  Pi / Sign .333 = 540.5435 degrees

  Pi / Sign .25 = 720.0022846 degrees


Pi / Sin 0.25 or our ¼  (4Pi on our physical level) = our intrinsic 720.0022 degrees once again. This is quantum level of 4 portals, which is one complete cycle of intrinsic spin in the virtual quantum world. This in turn is equal to one complete rotation (angular momentum) of 360 degrees in the physical world.

Notice we just used the hidden factor (variable) of quantum time flow to solve the same spin factor as observed on our physical level.  Nobody has ever identified time on a quantum level before as being part of making up our physical level of time.  Keep in mind they are both time but not in the same state of existence.  This means by changing the spin of a particle we can now work with time in the lab on a quantum level.  This satisfies the hidden variable for the hidden variable theory as a single particle theory. “Spin is the basic property of particles and it is derived from quantum physics…”12 So this is the answer to the classical analogue for spin that Xiaodong Chen, Department of Physics, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT talks about in his paper, “A New Interpretation of Quantum Theory – Time as Hidden Variable”.  Our single particle is none other than the electron (our YGEM).  Dr. Chen has the basics of the concept but is lacking the model. Again, that model is the basic electron. We claim the electron is made up of 918 paired photons. We have just satisfied the conditions for the area of a sphere for our first matter particle shape plus the conditions for the spin of that basic particle. With 4D Unified Math, all we need to do is plug in the 4Pi’s for each portal and calculate as we did with arithmetic Pi or trigonometric Pi and obtain the exact same results as current findings for a particle with a spin ½ or 720 degrees. We will go one step further and calculate the spin of a particle ½ by using higher math such as Pauli matrices.  We will then plug in 4D Unified Math to meet the same conditions set up in equation number 18 on the calculations below.  Notice that using 4D Unified Math will yield more data than our current lower or higher math methods.  With 4D Unified Math we get the composite, dynamic view of the particle and its unification process.  Look at the YGEM, 4D Unified Math intrinsic spin graphic and the other modern math methods again and you should see the connection. This is exciting for it makes that connection between our quantum world and our physical world as a one-particle theory. This is the unification process. A unified field theory based on light.  Time and gravity can now be extracted and engineered under specific conditions where it was only a word before.

Finally let us compare Pauli matrices for our spin ½ particle and our 4D Unified Math graphic (dynamic drawing) of our electron the YGEM.  Again they are in total agreement but notice with 4D Unified Math every point of intrinsic spin is plotted where Pauli matrices only hits upon the three positions for quantum Pi (our  I – in and O – out portals) in the matrices from the intrinsic spin ½ particle.  In Pauli matrices, instead of using Pi as our constant we will use the special set of symbols of the matrix.  The symbols will again match up directly with our 4D Unified Math as plug ins.  Pi is our portals for the photonic (our theory) inlets and outlets of time flow.  The matrix also uses I’s and O’s as special symbols in the matrix lattice.  If we plug in our 4D Unified Math I’s and O’s, we will get the direct results of spin ½ intrinsic spin for our particle. The spinors translate into our photonic tunnels.  See equation Number 21 and 22.  There can be no doubt that all the methods of math check out.  The 4D Unified Math makes the hidden patterns and variables now visible and for the first time intrinsic spin has been graphed.  I was told that one could not graph intrinsic spin for it was not tangible.  4D Math has proven that wrong and has given us access to areas only before thought out of reach by present technology.  It should not take much imitation on the possibilities man can now reach armed with this knowledge.  These are only our infant steps into the doorway to a new technology and theater of physics.  Now lets look and compare the spin ½ for our particle using Pauli matrices and the relationship 4D Unified Math plays in the dynamic process involved. Intrinsic spin for a particle ½ using Pauli matrices is presented next. This is the standard method in calculating for single particle intrinsic spin ½.  The comparison using 4D Unified Math and Pauli matrices will follow.

The following reference for spin ½ of the electron is using Pauli matrices mathematics.

 Pauli matrices vs. 4D Unified Math graphic:

 By Association:

                     180 Degrees       540 Degrees       720 Degrees  


 Identification of the root equation:

 E = mc2

 E = Energy (photons or light is a form of energy)

M = Matter (The shape matter takes on due to it’s gravity field is that of a sphere)

C2 = Light (photons are considered light) Light squared are the 918 paired photons

         that represent the forward and reverse arrows of TIME flow.

Note: M or matter is made up of our 918 paired photons producing our electron (YGEM)

         Or C2. There is a force produced (due to rigidity in space of our VZPEL or

         Quantum gravity) by the paired photons. The force felt is now known as inertia.

         (Resistance to change) This force now translates into what is called “rest mass”.

          Hence our energy to matter equation is complete.


4D Unified Math for root equation E = MC2:

 E  =  the 918 paired photon energy that is released when the particle (electron)

         returns to its photon state of free photons.

M =  The rest mass force produced by the 918 paired photons. (YGEM)

C2 =  The two 918 paired photonic tunnels (quantum gravity & arrows of TIME)

Note: In 4D Unified Math C2 represents the 4Pi portals of the two photonic tunnels

          This is where the hidden variables for TIME and Gravity are hidden for M

          or matter (rest mass).


Basic sphere shape equation formed from the gravitational field around all matter:

 A = 4Pi r2

  A   =  Area in the shape of a sphere

4Pi =  4 times arithmetic Pi

r2    =  radius from the center of the sphere out to the edge of the sphere on a plane


4D Unified Math for A = 4Pi r2

A   =  the total area in the shape of a sphere

4Pi =  4 portals openings on the quantum level of the two photonic TIME tunnels.

Note:  This is where the hidden variables for TIME and Gravity are hidden for

           solid matter.  Has no meaning for open space objects or areas other than shape.

r2   =  the observation of both quantum and physical states


By using the 4D Unified Math method, one can zoom in or out to any level set by the baseline equation or formula and use conventional math to extract hidden information. 4D Unified Math displays the shapes and patterns of the dynamic process in question. Once those patterns or fields are uncovered we can calculate additional information pertaining to the object and process it possesses. The author has applied 4D Unified Math to an abstract equation known as the OMEGA formula and found it to link back to our energy/matter equation E = MC2 once again. The author has not been able to explore the limitations of 4D Unified Math at present however.

Author’s claim: 

“Parallel Coexistence of Local Time Frames within Local Time Frames of Relativistic Time Dilation observed as predicted by theory, conventional math, 4D Unified Math calculations and actual observations/findings of current science.” 

 There has been yet another breakthrough or realization in the on going research into our unified field theory utilizing the 4D Unified Math process.  These simple findings are what Pulitzer Prizes are made of, simple but yet very profound in revelation.  It is in agreement with the present findings of both current science and our theory explored with 4D Unified Math. The author offers for your consideration the first known published claim to the realization that Intrinsic Spin is the physical observation of an actual relativistic time dilation itself.  The author will include this latest finding and his claim demonstrated by a single graphic below for peer review and consideration along with this paper and its contents.  The important thing to remember in this latest claim is that man has been looking at distant space objects for observations of possible time dilation’s as predicted by Einstein.  Evidence of time dilation has been right here at home all along right under our very noses.  The author makes the latest astonishing claim that “Intrinsic spin is an actual relativistic time dilation observation within our present local time frame window.”  This answers why man sees such strangeness when he tries to observe the quantum realm from our physical local frame of time.  This answers how we get 720 degrees of intrinsic rotation out of an object with only 360 degrees of angular momentum.  Intrinsic is the observation of a second local time frame at relativistic speeds within our primary or present physical local time window of observation.  If we could ride the relativistic particle even at its slow 0.01 C speed we would see things very normal in the quantum realm yet the physical realm would now become the strange observation.  Notice the author makes the claim in the graphic that no matter what “Local time frame” the observer is in, the “Distance” of the Speed of Light will still be 186,000 miles/sec, no matter what.  The key word is “Distance” and not just speed of light.  The distance (as in the measure of length) of the speed of light is a variable (relative) where the speed of light itself is a constant.  This allows us to observe events that seem to exceed the speed of light (FTL – Faster Than the Speed of Light) or actually seem to slow down the observation of the speed of light.  This in fact is currently taking place in present time science observations.  This opens the door to new possibilities never before thought possible or even tangible.




By using spin, the basic property of particles as derived in quantum physics, we can interpret and define the elusive hidden variables and components of time both on the physical and the quantum levels under laboratory conditions. The present math including the 4D Unified Math process and our new model for the electron (YGEM-York, Geier electron model) along with our unified field theory of light are all in agreement with current findings and established measures. This all indicates more than just another theory but rather a tangible and engineerable concept with all the trimmings, such as new model (YGEM) and the authors mathematical aid of 4D Unified Math. 

The author is in hopes this paper will inspire others to open their minds and explore the unlimited possibilities never before considered tangible.  Armed with this new view and approach to the concept of a unified field theory, it’s mathematical aid 4D Unified Math and the realization that time itself is within our engineerable grasp, man will be taking his first real steps to the stars and development of actual warp drive capabilities to get him to the stars and beyond.  I open the door in hopes other visionary minds will venture in the direction of taking those initial steps.  Current findings, the math, and our limited testing has shown the concept is a solid one and within our current development capability.  Already in the news we find claims of FTL (Faster Than Light) capabilities, and new light (photon) fuel propulsion sources. These are but mere steps away from true first generation warp drive capabilities, our ticket to venture to the stars and beyond. The possibilities are endless.  


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Warren E. York, Research Associate (Theory concept, YGEM, 4D Unified Math, Relativistic TIME Dilation).  Permanent E-mail address: Alternate site e-mail address:  URL:

Charlotte Geier, Research Associate (Theory concept, YGEM, Intrinsic spin).  Permanent E-mail address:


The following is on our unified field theory of light.  It shows the same information we just discussed. It is in reference to gravity and 4D Unified Math. See if you can follow the thinking and the patterns related to gravity extracted with our 4D Unified Math concept.  Notice we are only singling in on the gravity aspect of the total hidden variable information contained. The constant used here is that of Pi. 



grav·i·ty (gr²v“¹-t) n. 1. Abbr. gr. Physics. a. The natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body,   such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body.

    b. The natural force of attraction between any two massive bodies, which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

   c. Gravitation. 2. Grave consequence; seriousness or importance: They are still quite unaware of the gravity of their problems. 3. Solemnity or dignity of manner. [French gravité, heaviness, from Old French, from Latin gravit³s, from gravis, heavy.


Gravity:   a. Gravity is the displacement of Space/Time due to the formation or placement of matter within that fabric of Space/Time itself. b. Its force is the displacement felt by the nucleus of atoms caught within the photonic TIME flow field of  Space/TIME wanting to return to its VZPEL (Virtual Zero Point Energy Level) or its lowest point in the Continuum (Hyperspace State). c. It is an elasticity property of Space/Time (The Continuum). d. Its substance is photonic in Nature  and is produced by the paired photons fields flow of TIME now known as part of matter.  e. The shape of the photonic TIME flow field is that of a quadrupole pattern. (See  Figure 9 below) f.  Gravity is both a push and a pull force process of which the pull is the dominant force since the arrow of TIME is one of a positive direction from our physical world’s view.1



   Quadrupole Pattern - Quantum by Nature

   Also See:        Electrostatics  (Coulomb's Law)3


                                                      Dipole Pattern - Physical by Nature



The 4D Math concept is obtained from the targets geometrical shape known as its Area in relationship to any mathematical constants used to describe that area.  4D Math's  Area = conventional math's MASS.

In the case for the target above the conventional math's Area would be written as such:

A = 4 x Pi x r2    (3) 

 Constants = Pi  The constant is used 4 times in this case. In 4D Math the constant of π is equal to the geometric shape of the inlet and outlet portals of the TIME tunnels created by the 918 paired photons.  Pi  = 90 degree shift or change in direction of motion of the fabric of Space and of TIME. By using 4 π you are describing the formation of the two photonic wormholes (2 inlets & 2 outlets of 1π each)  of the photonic GRAVITATIONAL FIELD seen as a Quadrupole Pattern. Therefore gravity is a by-product of paired photons with inertial mass. [mI = mr = m0]A or [918 paired Photons  = 1Electron] (See Fig. YGEM).



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