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Energy Transactions:  The Theory of Everything

Author:  Wallen, J

1181 Roslyn St.
Denver, CO 80220

Abstract:  The theory of Energy Transactions as presented herein is based on the concept of energy being introduced into a void with increasing cycles of energy developing.  This theory could not only be the basis of a unified theory but could also explain the origin of the universe.

Keywords: universe, cosmology, wave, frequency, Big Bang, quantum theory.

It is now nearly a century since Albert Einstein presented his Theory of Relativity to the world of science. That theory has proven to be highly accurate and predictive when observing the universe in ways that are not grossly evident to the senses of man.

The only difficulty has been the need to maintain small inertial frames of reference and, thus, we still labor with three domains of validity: cosmic, Newtonian, and quantum. In the following pages, with only two changes in the generally accepted thinking, Energy Transactions will offer a unified theory. A theory which removes the artificial "fences" between the three domains of validity. Those two changes are that "infinity" must be understood and "The Big Bang Theory" is not as probable as the idea that the Universe began as 0 and proceeded numerically, simply, and elegantly.

Though straight lines do not exist in space/time as Einstein proposed, it is feasible that energies on average may move in a straight line. By observation from inertial reference frames, however, energies tend to move in a spherical motion.

Particles are composed, as is all matter, of energy and it is deducible from Relativity that energy and matter are "interchangeable." It has been well documented that when particles are accelerated to very nearly the speed of light, their mass increases. Has matter ever been accelerated to the speed of light? Not that has been observed in a laboratory and recorded. What happens when "infinity" is achieved? That is the crux of this brief explanation and is the key to the final fulfillment of Einstein's remarkable theory.

"Infinity," has been mathematically defined as early as 1922, may be described as any forward motion equal to or greater than 90 degree.1 This hypothesis rests on the assumption that matter, which is energy, and any other energy which is allowed to accelerate to its maximum speed will divide into four smaller (higher frequency) energies at a 90 degree angle.

Just as visible light has a relatively maximum speed, which has been repeatedly demonstrated, there must be "maximum speeds" for other levels of energies. Forcing energies to divide into higher and higher frequencies could account for the entire Universe.

This model will never be complete since the Universe is continuously unfolding. The Universe will continue to move forward only in Time but will be finite in size. Mathematically you may consider the essential forward pattern to be a repetitive (Fibonacci series 1-9) set of ever smaller frequencies operating in base 4.

Initially, the Universe was probably a Void. Within the bounds of the Universe even now, most of space/time is specifically and relatively void of specific energies. Such a Void would be absent of specific energies until an initial specific energy entered the void. The first energy must have been quite large. Let us envision it as pure direct current (DC) and moving in a relatively straight line, on average.

This energy commutated to 1 wave cycle thereby beginning forward motion in the Void. In Cartesian coordinates, we now have available relative movement yielding the dimensions of x, y, z and space/time; hence, base 4.

With no resistance of any kind, that first energy wave had enough power to accelerate beyond its maximum allowable speed. As if the wheels came off the cart. By beginning with a single wave and allowing a continuing division to smaller waves and ever-higher frequencies, there would therefore be no need for "singularities" and we do not have to suspend the laws of physics at any time as is necessary for a part of the Big Bang.

"On average," the first wave moves "straight" forward until, having accelerated to a certain velocity, it splits into 4 units, each of which then moves on average right, left, up, and down, relative to wave 1.

These four second waves, now accelerate in the same Void too fast and each of the four second waves split or divide into 4 smaller waves moving (on average) right, left, up and down relative to the second waves.

At this moment in space/time, the Universe consists of portions of wave 1, portions of four wave 2's, and portions of sixteen wave 3's, and so on, still growing by division, yet all a part of that First Energy. Growing in number by division yet staying the same in total.  As these energies continue dividing, it is posited here that after waves 6 occur, ROTATION begins.

Because 6Hz is the least possible frequency which we have measured for rotating machinery and by equivalence, these obviously much larger waves 6 would force the Universe to beginning moving, on average, in a set of "lines" which, while moving forward, would describe a sphere when viewed from an inertial reference frame.

Stability then begins. Energies may begin interacting with one another to form clumps of energy in the Universe and then the pattern is now set for what is later to be observed as "matter".

As has been observed at quantum levels, dissimilar energies may occupy the same space, even though similar energies may not. By following the pattern in electricity known as the "Right Hand Rule", simply stated, as energy (observed as electricity) moves in a "straight" line, another energy (observed as electromagnetism) occurs at a Right Angle to that flow.2 You may, of course, "invert" that to "create" electricity.

This is the basic pattern for planetary bodies, atoms, and can account for gravity, which is an attraction of specific energies to the specific "voids" which would be created by stable energy sets moving forward in space/time and on average, describe a spherical self-contained unit.

The set of waves 7 will appear to be chaotic and random, but over space/time, will move through every available void relative to waves 7 (that is, any frequency or lack of frequency other than another wave 7) which would be possible within the boundaries of the Universe.

Direction is now very important. Consider 9 essential dimensions in space/time to be the pattern for all to follow. If you were to classify a dimension as a specific set of frequencies following a forward motion, you could mathematically create an infinite number of dimensions.

For the sake of using this construct, however, direction is on a large scale and on small scales it can be much more discreet. For example, a wave 20 transacting with its opposite wave 5 could generate a vague "form" or crystal lattice for other compatible energies. (Crystals as a point, are energy groups which innately "contain" more "void" than the more dense matter.)

Random sequence over space/time will then account for the entire universe without any exterior direction. Only enough initial energy would be required to achieve rotation in order to create the Universe. This evolution as theorized here is mathematically simple and elegant. We have no need to suspend the laws of physics even for a primordial blink (or should I say wink) of the eye.

Entropy may be associated with the continuing division of frequencies while stability will correspond to sphericality. On average, the universe has a "center", which is dispersed as planetary bodies.

As time continues to move forward, entropy increases over space/time. Visible light, on average moves from "center" to "circumference." Most of the visible light returns, on average, in some other "form" to create more "light", even though, as with all levels of energies, some must "leak out", divide and become "Notlight."

The hierarchy of energies which have already been observed and catalogued will offer you some startling insights by following the pattern described above. A very short, select list of energies is offered below.3

1 Hz Polarity

6 Hz Rotation

24 Hz beginning of Sound

40,320 Hz Long Wave

75,000Hz Curium247

133,557Hz Oxygen

1,000,000Hz HYDROGEN (the "last" of the "elements" and NOT the first!)

1,828,915,200 Hz microwave

790,091,366,400 Hz heat

241.798,836(73) THz ELECTRON

299.79 THz LIGHT (the Universe was quite "old", long before visible light occurred)


Gamma Ray

Cosmic ray


Ad infinitum...

In conclusion, over space/time, the entire Universe may be accounted for with this pattern. For your final consideration, the EPR Paradox (Einstein/Podolsky/Rosen) may be simply described.

As an energy is "divided" and sent in "opposite" directions, it still maintains the innate coherence which caused "it" to be described as that energy. When the wave function is forced to collapse by virtue of its being "measured", as with a soap bubble, the oppositely moving portion of the original energy simply ceases to move

Einstein was correct. This is not "spooky action at a distance," but rather simply an error in measurement.

The "nucleus" of an atom is merely the specific void of energies created by the forward moving, on average, spherical motion of a set of energies generating the outward display which is very much like electromagnetism relative to electricity. There is, in fact, "nothing" there in the "center" except the decelerated forces of the outward/circumferential display of accelerated energies. Relativity, when expanded in the manner here, can therefore account for the entire Universe.



1. P.D. Ouspensky. Tertium Organum. Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1922.

2. E. Richard Cohen. Physics Quick Reference Guide. AlP Press, 1996. pp 87-89.

3. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. 77th Edition. David R. Lide, Editor in Chief, CRC Press. Electromagnetic Radiation Bands 10-257 to 10-258, 1996-1997.


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